Ceiling Panels

Interesting Facts that You Never Knew About CEILING PANEL

Want to enhance the beauty of your home or office? Then, ceiling panels are one of the best and trendiest options to be applied. Ceiling panels or ceiling tiles are lightweight construction materials that are used to cover the ceilings. They give an attractive look to the ceiling and enhance the aesthetics and acoustics of the home authentically. With passing time, ceiling panels are also occupied with evolutionary techniques. In fact, hanging baffles sound absorption panels are literally outstanding innovative solutions.

However, if you are in a mood to install these beautiful ceiling panels at your place, then you must go through these interesting facts about ceiling panels:

Metal Baffle Ceiling


Ceiling panels are lightweight as they are made from plastic, metal, fiberglass, mineral fiber, wood fiber, vinyl-coated gypsum, and even cork and various other lightweight materials. Lightweight panels are easy to install and help to apply the essential elements required for transforming and rejuvenating the interiors without any inconvenience. Thus, next time, when you go to buy these panels, make sure that you don’t buy the heavy ones.

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Highly Durable

Don’t question the durability of the ceiling panels. Good quality panels are highly durable and accompany you until your lifetime. At the same time, it depends upon your decisions of selection, integration, and application of components, materials, and building systems that determine the durability of the panels too. Good quality ceiling panels are comprised of aluminum, copper, PVC, or powder- or tin-coated steel and various other stable and dimensionally consistent substances. These materials offer stronger and more optimized performance, aestheticism, consumer appeal, constructability, and code compliance. The materialistic features also determine impact resistance, abrasion and scratch resistance, chemical resistance, and superior corrosion resistance of these panels. You can also opt for Acoustic Wood fiber Baffles India because of its stable properties.

Fire Resistant

Ceiling panels are fire-resistant. Thus, they provide safety with beauty and stand as the perfect option for homes, schools, hospitals, theatres, and so on. However, it is advisable to look for the fire ratings before buying any ceiling panels. Basically, PVC tiles are more advantageous and are fire rated too.


Ceiling panels are the most innovative designing solutions nowadays. And the most appealing part is that they provide premium solutions for acoustics too. Acoustics metal baffle ceiling systems are an outstanding addition to the glamour of the ceiling panels and ideally controls sound reverberation from hard substances. They are highly demanded in industrial and commercial areas. These decorative ceiling tiles serve as an inevitable multifunctional solution in terms of architecture and design.

Insulating capacity

Ceiling panels act as a great insulator for your four-walled zones too. In this context, Acoustic glass-fiber ceiling panels deserve some special mention as they are impact-resistant, abrasion and scratch resistant, chemical resistant, and superior corrosion resistance.

Well! Now you have got a pretty idea about the ceiling panels. Still, you have a doubt regarding which company should be chosen to buy the best acoustic ceiling tiles. Here, Prolad deserves special mention which holds higher expertise in providing the finest ceiling, acoustics, and wall covering solutions.